This garden green house provides maximum protection, growth, and reliability by using a complete three piece all growth fabric construction with fabric tension style cover, solid connected back panel, and solid connected front entry – allowing for easy access and maintenance of plants, vegetables and herbs. It also utilizes Smart Vent – technology controlling airflow from the base of the unit and at the ends of the unit with zip out screened vented windows. In addition the triple ridge reinforced roof structure not only acts as a weather guardian protecting against snow, ice, wind and rainy weather but also allows growing enthusiasts to hang their full size basket plants from the roof of the green house. Valued price for portable protection.  Harness the heat and warm the soil for planting success.  In stock with same weekday shipping. 6'wide x 8'long x 6'6"tall garden greenhouse.

  • Manufacturer: Jewett Cameron
  • Part Number: IS 62901
  • product_type: portable greenhouse
  • Item #: IS 62901

Weatherguard garden greenhouse 6'x8' IS 62901

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