cl 60544 Uptown ASPCA lucky dog AKC 4'x4'x6' kennel
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The Uptown Kennel is one of the easiest kennels in its class to assemble.  Heavy duty square tubing frame and 10 gauge welded wire mesh keeps even the biggest dogs contained.  Convenient 2' wide by 5' tall panels clamp together with panel clamp and wing nut fasteners.  The zinc primed black powder coated finish protects the kennel from the elements.  The tailored top cover protects your pet from sun, rain and snow and raises the center height of the kennel to 6' tall. Ease of assembly and value price makes this kennel a number one choice of pet owners.

  • Manufacturer: Jewett Cameron
  • Part Number: CL 60544
  • product_type: Dog kennel
  • Item #: CL 60544

Uptown 4'x4' kennel with roof cover

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