SafeGrow 10'x10'x6'tall kennel greenhouse cover
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OEM Safe Grow greenhouse replacement cover.Heavy Duty tailored 10'x10'x6'tall cover can turn your dog kennel into a greenhouse.

Fits the Jewett Cameron 10'x10'x6'tall kennel sold under the Brand names AKC, Best of Show and Lucky Dog.  Actual dimensions are 9'10" x 10'2"long with 6'side height and Center peak of 8'tall.

Issues with this cover are it will only allow the 5'wide gates to swing in because on the SafeGrow green houses the door is in the center.  The door can swing out partially but it may damage the zipper and would not be covered under warranty.

This cover uses the exsisting roof cover frame.  Roof framing is not included with cover.

Roll front and rear door panels roll up side windows and ready for power ventalation.  Bungee balls included for installation.

Makes a nice place to find a little extra warmth or a break from the wind.

  • Manufacturer: Jewett Cameron
  • Part Number: SS 71010C
  • product_type: Kennel Replacement Cover tarp
  • Item #: SS 71010C

SafeGrow 10'x10'x6'tall kennel greenhouse cover

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