cl71120 rotating kennel bowl system
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Works on the AKC, Best of Show and Uptown kennel systems.  Imagine anyone being able to feed or water your animal without it escaping the kennel.  The rotating 2 bowl system is your answer.  Keep ants and bugs from the food and water.  Put the dishes at the proper height to help ease food and water intake and choking.  Allows wash out of the flloor of the kennel without having to remove dishes. 2 liter stainless steel bowels on a heavy duty powder coated steel frame.  The choice of proffessional boarding kennels and breeders.

  • Manufacturer: jewett cameron
  • Part Number: cl 71120
  • product_type: AKC kennel part
  • Item #: CL 71120

Lucky Dog Rotating Bowl System

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