weather guard kennel cover system
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Weatherguard Kennel Cover - Designed to fit all of the 8' wide x 6'6" long Lucky Dog kennels only. The Weather Guard Kennel Roof System adds a protective barrier between the pet and the outdoor elements.  The Weather Guard kennel roof system consists of a black powder coated steel frame, quick connect fittings, U.V. treated black polyethylene tarp with sewn gable end covers, rienforced grommets and bungee ball tie downs. Fits a 8'w x 6.5'l kennel. Fits the lucky dog cl 41028ez kennel. All other kennel brands will require modifications to fit.

  • Manufacturer: Jewett Cameron
  • Part Number: CL 00304
  • product_type: dog kennel cover
  • Item #: CL 00304

Lucky Dog 8'x6'6" kennel cover with frame

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