Jewett Cameron weatherguard greenhouse work bench IS 66412
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This durable workbench has what it takes to serve as potting table or to organize your tools--
These plant tables fit perfectly in our smaller portable greenhouses. Line them up all the way around for the ultimate work and grow station. The included heavy duty Ultra-Violet (UV) protected vynal cover with two zippers that allow easy access and humidity control makes the workbench perfect for starting seeds or creating a small economical environment to use grow lights and retain the heat. This is a superior quality weatherguard greenhouse. All steel green enamel powder coated frame. 3 welded heavy duty wire mesh shelves that can handle the weight of potted plants or nursery flats. Get an Early Start on being organized!

Strong enough to hang flourescent grow lights from and drip misting systems.

Overall dimensions: 36" H x 40" W x 20" D Asembles easily with a phillips screwdriver Remember you get what you pay for. This is a quality heavy duty steel 3 shelf mini greenhouse workbench designed to last for years. It has a shipping weight of 16 # pounds compare that to the other brands available.

  • Item #: IS 66412

Greenhouse Work Bench

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