heat retention + warmth for germination = success
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Sturdy heavy gauge 6061 aluminum frame will not rust, 4mm twin wall insulating polycarbonate panel cold frame with stainless steel fasteners and 4 hold down stakes.
The nearly unbreakable polycarbonate has multiple cells that capture and retain the suns warmth as well as letting up to 79% of the light pass through to benefit your plants. This keeps the inside temperature at least 10 degrees warmer than outside and has props to keep the lids open for venting. The lids also slide right or left for easy access.

State of the art seed starting, propagation, frost protection and season extending. Create a Micro Climate to increase the success of your plantings. Harnessing the heat and transfering that warmth to the soil will germinate your seeds quicker, stimulate root cutting growth by maintaining moist tepid soil, keep heat and retard frost to make your plants stay alive longer into the cold season. Easy 30 minute assembly with step by step picture instructions.

Our dual cold frame can have the auto vent opener fitted to it by purchasing the auto vent attachment kit and a auto vent opener. Click on auto venting dual window cold frame
43"x22"x16>11" will fit 4ea 10"x20" seed trays (not included).

Learn how to build a raised gardening bed and attach the cold frame to it.

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Dual Window Cold Frame

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