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Wind tie-down anchor jewett Cameron weatherguard 4 shelf mini greenhouse
Wind tie-down anchor4-Shelf Mini Greenhouse

Set of 6 wind anchors with driving rod.

Create the perfect environment for your plants and watch them grow. This type of greenhouse is ideal for flowers, starting seeds and protecting delicate plants. Click picture for more info.



jewett Cameron weatherguard 4 shelf mini greenhouse replacement cover
4-Shelf Mini Greenhouse Replacement Cover 40"wideAuto Vent Opener

In stock and fast shipping greenhouse replacement cover. Fits 66"tallx40"wide"x20"deep structures. Heavy Duty UV protected vinyl with 2 zippers.

Let the sun take care of venting for you. Don't forget to open the vents and fry your plants. Automatic solar vent opener opens when its warm closes when its cool. Works without electricity. Click on the picture for further information.



Auto Vent Opener Multi PositionAuto Vent Opener Replacement Cylinder

Auto vent opener uses solar warmth to open and cooling to close.  This cylinder can work both vertical and horizontal positions.  Maximum thrust 15#.  Click on picture or title for more information.

After a few seasons the compound will wear out on the Auto Vent Openers. 1/8" I.P.S. thread with a cylinder length of 9". Shaft diameter is 1/4". Click on picture for more information.



Auto Venting Dual Window Cold FrameCold Frame / Vent Opener Attachment Kit

Hinged automatic solar venting windows precisely control the temperature of the cold frame . Everything is included in this kit to automaticly open and close the cold frame windows.
Click picture for more information.

Extruded 6061 aluminum bar and pad allows you to mount the Auto Vent Opener to our RGH 4300 series coldframes. Includes all hardware neccessary.



IS 63100 commercial greenhouse free shipping
Commercial Production Green HouseDeck Green House

Enjoy 240 square feet of growing space in this quality and affordable greenhouse. Big enough to grow directly in the ground or use it as cover for your hot tub. Click on picture for more information.

Portable deck size greenhouse perfect for seed starting, frost protection and season extending. 4'wide x 8'long x 6'6" tall. Click picture for more information.



auto venting quad window cold frame
Double Auto Venting Quad Window Cold FrameDouble Deck Seed Starter Cold Frame

Automatic solar venting controls both sides of the quad window cold frame . Everything is included in this kit to automatically open and close both sides of the cold frame windows.
Click picture for more information.

This is an amazing cold frame allows you to germinate, propagate or root cut your starts. Adjustable shelf compensates for plant growth. Includes one seed tray.



heat retention + warmth for germination = success Jewett Cameron weatherguard greenhouse work bench IS 66412
Dual Window Cold FrameGreenhouse Work Bench

The soil will warm faster and stave off the cold with this insulated cold frame . Our cold frame will jumpstart and protect your precious plants best from the elements.
Click picture for more information.

Greenhouse staging with the added feature of a clear UV Vynal cover turns a sturdy table into a micro climate for seed starting, propagation area or potting table. Click picture for more info.



cold frame frost protection, warm the soil for faster growth. SafeGrow 10'x10'x6'tall kennel greenhouse cover
Quad window Cold FrameSafeGrow 10'x10'x6'tall kennel greenhouse cover

This the best cold frame for size versus price. Cover your frost sensitive plants or start seeds in raised beds. Our 43"x43"cold frame gives you over 12 square feet of planting area. Click picture for more information.

OEM Safe Grow greenhouse replacement cover.Heavy Duty tailored 10'x10'x6'tall cover can turn your dog kennel into a greenhouse.

Read full description for more information.



Seed Trays and jumbo 6 packsSeedling Heat Mat

4ea 10"x20" seed trays and 8ea 48 hole liners will give you the chance to start a total of 384 seedlings. Professional nursery quality. Fit nice inside our cold frame.

Propagate like a proffessional. Help your seeds and root cutting jumpstart thier life. 120v 45watt 20"x20" heat mat provides 10-20 degrees rooting area warmth over outside temperature. Click picture for more information.



Seedling Heat Mat 48"x20"Seedling Heat Mat Digital Thermostat

Waterproof construction warms rooting area on 4ea 10"x20" seed trays 10-20 degrees over the ambient tempetature. UL listed 107 watts 120 volt.

This thermostat is designed to use in conjuction with your Hydrafarm seedling heat mats. Especially useful when starting seeds in microclimates which could easily overheat.



Single Auto Venting Quad Window Cold FrameSuper Sturdy Potting Table

Automatic solar venting controls one side of the quad window cold frame . Everything is included in this kit to automatically open and close one side of the cold frame windows.
Click picture for more information.

All metal pipe and mesh potting table and work bench with potting soil container.  Makes efficient use of space for transplanting and propagation.  15"wide x 39"long x 32"tall simple screwdriver assembly



UV Greenhouse Plastic 20'x100' 6mil 4 year sun ratedWeatherguard garden greenhouse 6'x8' IS 62901

Priemer professional green house quality. Superior strength and toughness. Guaranteed longer life- 4 year sun rated. Treated to resist UV breakdown. Allows up to 79% light transmission.

Weatherguard garden greenhouse 6'x8'x6'6" is a great easy up easy take down portable greenhouse that will handle the elements.  Harness the heat warm the soil for planting success.